Week 4 Bios

Johnny Armani

Johnny Armani hails from Buffalo, New York, and has emerged in the Niagara music scene with a surging presence. Though he’s been working seriously on music for the past 4 years his current projects include Johnny Armani – Run It Up,and Johnny Armani – Portal (songs available on all platforms, videos available on YouTube). Never one to forget his roots Johnny wants to shout out The Jungle 103, La Familia and PressPlayHitRecordEnt.

Socials for Johnny Armani are 

IG: @TheRealJohnnyArmani


FB: Johnny Armani


There is an artist in Toronto that goes by the moniker SouthStylez and has been developing his craft for the past two years and counting, recently appearing on Play My Song Live. His R&B type EP called J’adore is one that will turn your ear to his smooth crooning and lyrical delivery. Big shout outs go to @A.W.O.L.Productions and everyone who was willing to help him on his journey.

You can find SouthStylez on:
IG @SouthStylez_

FB SouthStylez90


Twitter @SouthStylez1 and his website www.southstylezinda6ix.com.