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     Kinsmuv is a well rounded artist that was born and raised in Toronto, residing in Scarborough for most of his life. As an avid influence in the scene, Kinsmuv has been involved in music in some way since Junior High…To date that’s 30 years and counting. Along with featuring on songs with other artists, as well as producing others, Look out for The Intimate Music Experience Machine a.k.a. T.I.M.E. Machine.

     For the kind words and support of his work Kinsmuv would like to shout out 80mpa as well as

@Frosty_220, @CasinoCosta, @TheRealToneKelly_80mpa, @OmarNyce. He also wants to shout out @PrivateName_PrivateNumber, @ThaMeeSho, his girl CC, @ThifeOfPin, His Mom, and also DJ Merciless, Ras Thug, Droops Holiday, Elliot Scars, Bishop Brigante, Krooks, Risky G, Kurse Dre (RIP), Gangis Khan, Gunna, and the whole of Toronto.

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