Week 2 Bios


The Usual Suspektz have crafted their art over the past 20 years with SOS A Leo Originating in Montreal, Quebec and Shawn Knottz coming from Toronto. Along with 3 singles available on all streaming platforms, the Usual Suspektz have an album slated for early fall as well as an EP scheduled for 2022. Shout outs go to DJ Merciless, Supreme Genes Team, Markham ANd Eglinton & NDG from The Usual Su spektz who can be found on IG @BombvisionSK @ThatGuySOS and @Usual_Suspektz


Black Orchid is an artist who hails from Brampton and currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. A seasoned creative she has been involved in the music industry for the past 17 plus years. Current projects include the single Return My Heart and a new video for the single Show Yuh. On her ascent Black Orchid would like to shout out Kelard Tha Lyricist, Tess Francis, Swisha Sweets, Reggae Music Cares, Ja Club On Clubhouse, Johnny Wonder, Mz Mumsie, Redz and SOS Dynamikz for their continued support.

For more from Black Orchid check out @Black_Orchid_Music on IG, @BlackOMusic on Twitter, and Black Orchid Music on Facebook.