Week 1 Bios


Real Drip Davis is a Hip Hop artist out of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada who has been involved in the art of crafting lyrics for the past 5 years. His current project “Drip World” can be found on all streaming platforms and aims to give the listener a good view of his style. Real Drip Davis would like to hail up The Eastside and Malton Finch Areas for their support of his work. You can find more from Real Drip Davis on all platforms by searching @RealDripDavis


A tenured lyricist of 10 years, Greezy Deckz originates from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Greezy has a few projects on the go that you can tap in to, “The Greezy Era Mixtape”, “The Gree-Tape” Hosted By DJ WhiteOwl and, “Strictly 4 The Ladies.” Also look out for the new single “Clubhouse” and the “Vaughan City Boys” EP and the “Gotenks” EP. Special shout outs from Greezy go to DJ Bac Pac, Screwface Films and his label Top Notch Music. Make sure you check out @GreezyDeckz on all platforms for the latest from this aspiring emcee.