JubElectron raps about God and how getting in touch with your personal spirituality can get you through anything in “the matrix”. JubElectron comes from a background of raw 90s hip hop and along with God, hails the notorious B.I.G..

      In almost every song dropping at least one bar for the great Christopher Wallace. JubElectron has been out for four years but has recently been upping his studio production quality and taking his music more serious since the death of a close family member. JubElectron has since been shifting away from his ego driven mindset and looking to create something real and emotional in a world full of clout but will still always focus on metaphors and lyricism. 

     Most recent project Ultra Instinct (with Dragon Ball animations) has received a number of positive reviews on both production quality as well as the vibe and lyricism involved. JubElectron’s most recent music can be found on his Apple and Spotify Podcast Playlist or on his YouTube channel. (Links Above)