Johnny Armani

     Hailing from Buffalo, NY,  currently residing in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Johnny Armani is a here to build up the region with tracks that resonate through country. 
     At an early age Armani was exposed to violence and grew up experiencing poverty, he goes on to say “…my whole family was in the streets so it was around me no matter what and by 13 I was right back in the hood with my mom.” 
     Through his teens, he was able to find solace with music which kept him away from the streets through high school however,  at 19 he was sent to Miami and the streets kept calling.
     After a period of wanting to be an athlete, an artist or anything else, Armani began descent that concerned his loved ones who were trying to protect him.
      Wanting to make a change for the better, Johnny reconnected with his craft and drifted away from the violence. At one point Armani was offered a deal with Buff City Records By DJShay (R.I.P. now considered BSF) back in 2005, at the age of 15, a pivotal moment in his career.
      With tracks like “Bodies In Canada” and “Run It Up” and more Johnny Armani is looking to establish his sound throughout Canada and is going about it in the right way by, dominating his performances, releasing a consistent stream of music and, staying in the social media timelines and inviting his listeners into his life.
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