FX May Vary

      FX May Vary appear to be a hard rock band from Newmarket, Ontario. However, closer inspection reveals that there is much more to them than a single genre can convey. 
     While scientists across the globe battled a pandemic afflicting the bodies of millions, these mad geniuses dedicated themselves to crafting musical medications for the
mental maladies suffered by their quarantined comrades. Led by the soothing voice of lead singer Charlotte and the energetic melodies of guitarist Nick, supported 
by the pummeling bass/drum attack of Kyle and Eric, they prescribe calmness to face the storms of life and strength to stand in the way of violence. Central to their
formula is the omnipresent empathy of River, the Service Dog, a hero none of us deserve. 
     Now, as the world at last begins to open into a new decade, they have 
prepared their experiments and recruited a Control Group to bring their music to the masses. Their music is designed to be enjoyed by everyone and may promote feelings of
happiness, an impulsive desire to move rhythmically, a desire to share with others, and a compulsion to follow the band on social media. As always, individual FX May Vary.