Chronic Spirit aka Dirty Zeus

     Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and, currently a resident of Niagara region Jake David Martin Williams aka Dirty Zeus better known as Chronic Spirit is just that, a Chronic spirit. 
     A potent entity musically, Chronic Spirit is well versed in the art of guitar playing and has rocked crowds all over Niagara Region.  Playing from a place most never find the melodies and energy given in every performance is matched only by the love of the art itself. 
     Chronic Spirit is the fun loving spiritual side of Jake that moves the crowd with peaceful melodies and harmonious rhythm. 
     And if the name Dirty Zeus didn’t say it all tune in to the flip side of the coin where this personality is crass, and tells all in the most obscure and detailed ways possible. 
Every coin has two sides, which one do you pick?