We Go There... And Beyond!

Mission Statement

     In order to achieve, one must first believe. Expose The North started in 2017, with the intentions of calling attention to the best and the brightest independent artists, businesses, and creatives.

     Now surging into 2021 with a new business venture that is sure to shock the universe, Expose The North presents: Culcha Shock! The magazine for those unseen in the scene.

Overall Objectives

Expose the North aims to create quality productions to highlight the talent in Niagara and Beyond.

Culcha Shock aims to present and promote the arts, business and entertainment sections of the Niagara Region and surrounding areas.

Our Core Principles

The structure one adheres to is likely to be that which establishes, or destroys them. The results are determined by the focal point of the perspective.

Opportunity Awaits

At Expose The North we aim to create the opportunities needed to further ones career.

Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action!

Audio Production

Everyone Has A Voice, Time To Be Heard


Playing the latest from the soon to be greatest, or politicking with personalities, this is where we go there.


Branding: A polite way of saying get in their face and stay there.

Expose Yourself

Create a brand that expresses who you are.

What You Get

We pride ourselves on providing value to the customer within any budget.